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Sun Carvers

Fin Color Customization

Fin Color Customization

Add a twist to your board by adding a different fin color! Match your own surfboard or design your dream board. The opportunities are endless!

*THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE PHYSICAL BOARD, this is a customization added to any stained glass surfboard of your choice. 

* *For color match ups view the color board individually before selecting

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Height: Approximately 4.5 inches long

Width: Approximately 1.5 inch wide

String length: 4 - 6 inches long. Upon request our non-braided string can be added

Please make a note if you have a Jeep or other car with a raised dash, as the string will have to be shorter.

Pearl: The pearl accent can be removed upon request


Tie your piece firmly around the object you are hanging it from and cut off any excess string, leaving about 0.5 inches remaining.

Warning: This piece becomes hot in direct sunlight

*Please follow any state laws forbidding items to be hung on rearview mirrors


Please contact us directly for questions or concerns regarding shipping and or returns.